Mazhar Zorlu Teacher Training Center (TTC)

Bornova Mazhar Zorlu Technical and Vocational High School
Mevlana Mah 1776
35040 Bornova

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Bülent Vardal
Telephone +90 (0)232-3436434
Mobile +90 (0)505-7051750
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Web www.mazharzorlu.k12.tr

Until 2005 there were not enough higher education institutions in Turkey for vocational teachers in the field of industrial automation technologies. That year, to address the shortage, the Mazhar Zorlu Teacher Training Center (TTC) was established at the Bornova Mazhar Zorlu Technical and Vocational High School.

Based on Japanese best practice in training mid-level technical human resources to learn and apply the latest industrial automation technologies, the Expansion Project of Industrial Automation Technologies (known as SPREAD) was implemented in 2007, based on a technical cooperation agreement signed between the Turkish and Japanese governments. In this project teachers are given in-service training at the TTC not only in industrial automation but also other closely linked fields.

The center also provides training opportunities for many industrial companies located in the Izmir region.

In addition to meeting the training needs of teachers in Turkey, the TTC plans to provide training for teachers invited from countries in Central Asia and the Middle East, with the support of the Japanese government. A three-year project agreement covering 2012–2015 was signed to implement the project, titled The Industrial Automation Technologies Extension Project For Central Asian and Middle East Countries (IATE).

The project aims not only to provide industrial automation training to technical teachers in the target countries but also to support curriculum development in this field in those countries’ secondary education institutions. The success rate of technology transfer during the training period will be enhanced through close cooperation with industrial companies and institutions active in the field.

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